Up Your Sous Vide Game: The Searzall

Feel The Burn, but dont burn yourself

Searzall Best Kitchen Tools

Why the Searzall is one of the best kitchen tools…

Finding the best kitchen tools to use at home can put you through the ringer. Some gadgets are simply not useful, others overpriced, and even more only serve one task. Alton Brown would call those “unitaskers” .


I would have originally thought the same about The Searzall torch attachment.. What could I really use this for besides burning down my house? Come to find out I can use it for plenty of things, including setting the world on fire.


I have used The Searzall for caramelizing sugar on creme brule, searing a perfectly cooked steak after it has been in the immersion circulator, and for burning herbs to create a smokey effect on the food.
On their site they even show you how to fix runny eggs, get an even char on grilled items, and melt cheese on your burgers.
The Searzall isn’t exactly user friendly at first but the learning curve is small. It comes with a “spacer” tool, which is really a matchstick, that allows the flame enough oxygen to burn well when the Searzall dome is placed in front of it. Once you have attached it to your propane torch, you need the Bernzomatic 7800 and a short/squatty propane tank, you have to season the Searzall for a few minutes so the dome doesn’t crack during the first few uses.

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The Results:

After having this tool for more than a year now I really believe it to be a useful addition to the kitchen. Sometimes it’s nice to break out the blowtorch and toast some crusty bread instead of worrying about getting the toaster oven, or regular oven, set up to toast some bread. The Searzall really shines when you take vegetables off of the grill and blast them with tons of heat to give them the final burn they really need.

One of our favorite things to do on the grill is to char leeks until they are completely burnt. In the winter time we do not have the luxury of using the grill. The Searzall allows us to charge the outside and then slow bake them until they are tender inside without having to freeze our bum off.

I now use The Searzall every few days in the kitchen for a variety of reasons. This is definitely not a kid friendly tool, it wields a lot of heat and will burn very easily. Searzall is very clear YOU MUST use the short, fat, propane tanks for this product because it is so top heavy. Besides being a little unstable once you get used to handling it, you will find it quite a remarkable tool.

I use the Searzall to start my grill when I need to! Quite frankly, it does a mighty fine job doing that as well.

I will continue to share more of the best kitchen tools in the near future.

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