Secret Dining in Detroit?

Take Your Friends to a Hidden Restaurant

Secret Dining Detroit Underground Omakase

I found a secret dining spot in Detroit

Chef Jeremy Abbey & his brother Eric have created a secret dining event (Detroit Underground Omakase) each month in the suburbs of Detroit. This is no “pop-up” restaurant. It is a club where the public can buy tickets to each of their events.

This month's theme is based on Salvador Dali's cookbook. A grand meal. Jeremy & Eric have granted me permission to come film a short documentary of their secret dining experience, with full access to the food and their guests.

When I found out I had access to their event I became excited. I have captured a few photos from this past weekends event. Over the next week I will release a short documentary of DUO you can see right here on

Click Here to Get Info On DUO's Next Event

Detroit Underground Omakase creates monthly events and the tickets range from $40-$100. The tickets tend to sell out fast. You can get yours by clicking the link to their ticketing site. The dinners are served with multiple courses. The March event was 17 overall. I believe they have set the date for May 7th, I am sure it will be an incredible event.

Take a moment to book your secret dining in Detroit event by purchasing tickets directly from DUO.

It's Your Turn: Do you know of other secret dining spots in Detroit? Let me know in the comments below. You can leave a comment by clicking here.