Sauteed Mushrooms Like a Pro

Discover the magic of properly sauteed mushrooms

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If you want to amp up your kitchen game, here is your chance to take on mushrooms.

Learn how to sauté mushrooms like a pro. Sautéing is not a difficult skill to master

in the kitchen. Mushrooms, however, take a bit of attention to detail. This week I share with you how to saute mushrooms and why it's important to master basic skills in order to create like a chef.

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Here's what you need to know to sauté mushrooms with the best of them.

When most cooks start out in the kitchen they lack patience. It is important to take the time to wait until your pan gets hot before you attempt to sauté anything. The trickiest part is you have to wait, but you cannot have your heat on high, with either a gas stove top, or electric. You want your heat to be on medium-high. It will take a few minutes to get your pan where you need it to be but the reward will be worth it in the end.

To test the heat of your pan place your vegetable oil in, about two to three tablespoons. Yes, I said vegetable oil, save the olive oil for your salad dressings. Once you have your oil in the pan give it about 30 seconds to heat up.

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Place one piece of mushroom in the pan to see if it sizzles and bubbles. If it does not immediately, WAIT. Let the oil get hot and it will glide across the pan quickly.

As you will see in the video, sautéing means you are not stirring the mushrooms constantly. For us to get a great caramelization, and develop flavors with the sauteed mushrooms we want to leave them be for a few minutes before we stir them.

I keep some vegetable broth around while I am sautéing mushrooms just in case things start getting a bit too dark. Splash a bit of broth, or stock, in the pan to deglaze if needed.

  • Developing deep flavor with your mushrooms can only happen if you allow them to caramelize well.
  • Crowding your pan will only steam your mushrooms
  • Starting your mushrooms in a cold pan with cold oil will result in greasy, limp mushrooms. 

What Mushrooms Can I Use?

This sautéing technique is great for any mushrooms you choose. It is easier to achieve deep flavor with heartier mushrooms like a portobello mushroom, a chanterelle mushroom or shiitake mushrooms. My particular favorites are king trumpet mushrooms. Take a look inside your local Asian market. The king trumpet mushrooms tend to be a lot cheaper there than other grocery chains.

The Takeaway

Notice while you are watching the video that I use these mushrooms in a brothy dish, like a quick stew. The mushrooms are no longer crispy and firm. So why did I go through all of the trouble in the first place?

If you follow this technique, even repeat it several times while deglazing the pan, you will bring out the richest umami flavors you have ever tasted in a sautéed mushrooms. The layers of flavors you will have in any dish are worth the patience.

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