Midwest Roots Is Here To Help You Scale Your Food Business

Kyle Schott, Midwest Roots

Kyle aims to guide you through the process of growing your business by helping you get your product into more markets.

Kyle Schott Founder of Midwest Roots is here to help small food production companies get into stores and scale their business with expert help.

This allows the producers the opportunity to focus on what they do best, create awesome food.

Kyle works very hard at selecting products she loves, and creates a very personalized, hands on experience for her clients. Kyle recommends if you think you have a great product you would like to bring to market, go for it. Make a batch of your product, call a local store, and take them a sample. See if your product is viable for the area you are in.

Midwest Roots was born out of the trips Kyle had been making to the farmers markets. She saw a need that she could fill. After spending five years with McDonalds corporate, she knew it was time for a change. She still wanted to help others and found a way to do it with Midwest Roots.

You can learn more by heading to Midwest Roots to see the products Kyle and her crew are currently handling. Midwest Roots just announced a new client Raaka Chocolate, totally virgin chocolates. Check them out.