Making Artisanal Pasta- Dario Barbone of Baia Pasta

Baia Pasta of Oakland, CA loves to get their hands dirty, and make great pasta

Dario and Renato, both from Italy, decided they wanted to return the art of pasta making back to its roots.
Dario is a cancer researcher by trade, while Renato
grew up in the food world. Renato Sardo is the former Director of Slow Food International.

Dario Barbone (left) and Renato Sardo (right) founders of Baia Pasta

Dario Barbone (left) and Renato Sardo (right) founders of Baia Pasta


Our Story:

Baia Pasta is an Oakland-based artisan food company founded by Renato Sardo with Dario Barbone. Both Renato and Dario were born and raised in Piemonte, a region in Northwestern Italy.
The seed for BAIA Pasta started when Renato learned that most Italian pasta is made from American and Canadian wheat that is shipped to Italy, made into pasta, and then shipped back.
After a few years of study, Renato extracted enough wisdom from the Italian maestri to start extruding his own pastasciutta made from all sorts of grains from local farms.

Our Process:

Producing artisanal pasta at Baia Pasta means exceptional flavor, derived from only the finest quality ingredients.
Baia Pasta is:

P1040923_sqWell-kneaded with cold water to create a compact fragrant dough that maintains all the original integrity of the flour.
Extruded gently in small batches through brass dies giving the pasta a rough surface to create a good al dente and to absorb sauce.
Dried at low temperatures (never over 105 ¼F) to preserve the original protein and gluten content of the wheat and maintain its great flavor.