Joule By Chefsteps: The Best Holiday Gift For Cooks 2017

This one tool will change how you cook forever....

What is the best holiday gift for cooks 2017: Joule by Chefsteps

A few years ago I bought an immersion circulator to the dismay of my fiance. She scoffed at the idea of needing one. Skip ahead to three weeks later; she started using it more than me.

Joule Immersion Circulator

Joule is now on sale through 11/27/17- Click the Picture to buy!


At the time we had purchased another brand of immersion circulator, the Joule was not on the market yet. It served as an excellent way to cook steaks to the perfect temperature, hold foods hot for large parties, and even make a mean hollandaise sauce.

Well, that immersion circulator was sitting on a shelf and took a tumble. It broke into several pieces, of which, superglue could not fix. It was a sad day. I had been spoiled on the ease of use and the perfected steaks we were eating. I knew I couldn't live without an immersion circulator for long. I went shopping. Online shopping.


That is when I came across Joule By If you have not seen any of their videos on the youtubes, I highly recommend you check them out. Some of their techniques are advanced and require special tools and techniques. But most are within reach of the home cook. Especially when it comes to using Joule.

Joule is one of the easiest tools to use in the kitchen. It connects to a mobile device through Bluetooth, or over your wifi. The wifi option is great because you can walk away from your Joule and enjoy your company while everything is cooking in a gentle water bath. The Joule connects through Chefsteps native app, which is super easy to use and makes setup a breeze.

The app has “guides” to show you a visual representation of what your food will look like when cooked properly. Most cooking procedures can be completed with one or two clicks within the app. Once the cooking is complete, the app sends a notification to your phone or other mobile device.

Why is it better than other immersion circulators?

Joule Immersion Circulator

  • Small: 1.8 inches by 11 inches (way smaller than others on the market)
  • this makes the Joule immersion circulator easy to pack up with you. Just ask Mikey, she recently took ours to Austin for a dinner of 25 people.
  • Powerful: The Joule can control up to 10 gallons of water with only +/- 0.2*F variation
  • Remote Control: Yes, there are other immersion circulators on the market that are controlled by apps, but they suck. Well. This one is simply better with its visual controls


By the way. As of today, the Joule is on sale for $30 off of its' normal retail price. The sale ends 11/27/17 so you might want to take advantage of the “Black Friday” savings.

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