The Best Cookware Deals on Amazon

Discover the best deals for pots and pans (and other tools) in April, 2016

For this months installment of “The Best Cookware Deals” you should be looking for items that make your life easier in the kitchen. We're talking small kitchen appliances which allow you to prep faster, and have a little more fun in the kitchen.

The first recommendation I have for you is the Vitamix Professional Series Blender.Vitamix blender The raw power of this blender allows you to make the smoothest smoothies, sauces, and crush a lot of ice. I have worked with a vitamix for the past 10 years. Your kitchen is not complete without it.

If you are looking to save a little bit of money, look for a factory refurbished model. They normally come with a warranty, and should perform just as well as a new Vitamix blender.

When Food Craftsmen was just starting out I actually shared this cookware. Normally I am not into celebrity chef cookware but the Emeril by All-clad Chef's Stainless Steel set is one of the best deals for the kitchen hands down. Funny enough I purchased this cookware for a TV shoot while I lived in Cincinnati. I thought I would use it one or two times and be done with it. Well, Emeril's cookware has been in use almost every day since. The all-clad cookware set is normally $299. It is on sale (as of this post) at $200. As with anything on amazon, the price may change.


For more great tools chefs use go to: You'll Never Believe The Tools Chefs Use For Under $50. These are small wares you can get to help you cook like a pro.


Do you have some small appliances you cannot live without? What are they? Let me know in the comments below.

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