The Best Cookware Deals on Amazon

Discover the best deals for pots and pans (and other tools) in April, 2016


For this months installment of “The Best Cookware Deals” you should be looking for items that make your life easier in the kitchen. We’re talking small kitchen appliances which allow you to prep faster, and have a little more fun in the kitchen.

Giveaway: Digital Kitchen Scale

Win your very own Digital Kitchen Scale Featured In My Video

digital scale

Here’s your chance to win the digital kitchen scale from featured in this video. In this video I share with you the reasons I love this scale so much. I thought you would enjoy it as much as I do. The contest ends April 18th, 2016 at 11:59PM. Share this with your friends for even […]

Secret Dining in Detroit?

Take Your Friends to a Hidden Restaurant

Secret Dining Detroit Underground Omakase

I found a secret dining spot in Detroit Chef Jeremy Abbey & his brother Eric have created a secret dining event (Detroit Underground Omakase) each month in the suburbs of Detroit. This is no “pop-up” restaurant. It is a club where the public can buy tickets to each of their events.

You’ll Never Believe The Tools Chefs Use For Under $50

Best deals on amazon for march, 2016

Best Kitchen Tools Chefs Use

Here are the top tools Chefs use you can buy for under $50. Several people ask me about the cooking tools we use in the kitchen. A lot of cookware can be expensive, especially when you are buying retail. We decided to take a look at the most practical and useful cookware for under $50.

How To Poach Eggs: Perfectly

Download Our Egg Poaching Guide.

how to poach eggs video

  A beautifully poached egg is something to marvel at.  To poach an egg perfectly, you need patients. The white of the egg is perfectly cooked and silky. While the yolk is warm and velvety. The yolk will run when pierced. How To Poach Eggs