For the Love of Pork Belly

It might be more important than kale.

Pork Belly Featured Image

We hold true, here in the U.S, the inalienable right to eat what some consider the food of the gods. We believe pork belly is a truly American dish. We treat it with reverence. Truth be told pork, in particular, the meaty, fatty belly is loved and used in cuisines all over the world. It […]

The Story of The Braise

Patience, Time, and Skill will render tender, awesome dinners...

Tough cuts of meat, or secondary cuts, were the food of peasants long ago. For years grandmothers would braise meats like pot roast to serve to the family. Home cooks stumble over the process until, finally, they unlock the secrets of time, temperature, patience, and skill. In today’s world having a beautifully braised hunk of […]

Quinoa: How To Toast and Cook Quinoa

Chef Katie Simmons shares the magic of quinoa

quinoa Katie Simmons

Quinoa, Say it with me “Keen-Wahh” The edible seed of the quinoa plant has exploded on the scene over the past 10 years, yet you may not know how to cook it properly. Quinoa is not tricky at all. It just takes a little know how, and experience to get perfectly cooked quinoa for your […]

Today the students worked on yeast bread dough. We focused on having them create pizzas. I shared with them how glutenin and gliaden combined with water create everyones favorite “allergen”, GLUTEN