Highlights from The World Expo of Beer

This week we headed to The World Expo of Beer in Frankenmuth, MI. The highlights included tasting all of Uncle John’s Hard Ciders. Eric P. Elliott, the President of Sales for UJHC, shared how the cider mill has been producing hard ciders for generations. In fact, the orchard workers used to get paid in hard cider. Recently, they expanded their operation and


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Where Whole Foods Market Stumbles

Earlier this week Whole Foods Market (WFM on NASDAQ) announced its’ earnings. While the organic retail giant did not meet Wall Streets’ expectations it still outperforms national retail groceries year over year growth.

whole foodsWhole Foods Market reported sale of $3.6 billion, but fell short of their projected $3.7 billion.  The earnings report was followed by a drop in share price today from 47.55 to just over 41 at the time of this article.
John Mackey, Co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, stated “Our Whole Foods Market brand has helped lead the shift in consciousness toward fresh, healthy foods by offering the highest quality, broadest selection, and best customer service, and we believe we can triple the number of Whole Foods Market stores in the United States.

The Bite: How To Handle Disappointed Customers in 3 Easy Steps

A few weeks ago I was “the disappointed customer” at a local cafe. I share with you the three easy steps the cafe manager did to ensure I left there happy.
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Are you collaborating with the right people to grow your business?

I recently went to the fancy food show in San Francisco and a few companies stood out. Those companies were the ones that partnered with the right people.

Think about collaboration as a way (more…)

Fatty Cakes, Fatty Cakes NY Bakers (Wo)Man: Ep 31 W Jennifer Taylor-Miller

Jennifer Taylor-Miller started Fatty Cakes NY on a “total whim”.

Her job in children’s media wasn’t giving her the creative outlet she desired. So she started baking cookies as a way to feed her creativity.

fatty cakes, owner,  Jennifer Taylor-Miller

Jennifer was playing an old-fashioned game of “Stump The Baker” where friends of hers would give her off the wall suggestions for cookies to bring into the office. One of the favorites of the office was an original flavor, the movie theater. A salted buttered popcorn cookie with Swedish fish. I know, it sounds crazy, but inspiration comes in so many forms.