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There are some great articles here on The Food Craftsmen. Aside from our podcast which features inspirational interviews from people just like you in the food world, we also share strategies on how to get into grocery stores faster, learning how to use social media easier and more effectively, and ways to market yourself in the digital world.

One of my favorite articles: Customers, Meet Them Where They Are shares how to look for opportunity where others see problems. It’s a matter of mindset on that one. I do think you should read it. I share how to use tools like Email to grow your business. Did you know most people think email marketing is dead, or not right for their business. I bust 4 myths in How to Use Email To Grow Your Business. If it weren’t for email, you may miss out on a ton of business. Take a look at that article and let me know what you think.

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Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How do I create an amazing artisan food others will crave?
  • How do I take my artisan food from concept to market the right way?
  • How do I create a brand people remember, and tell others about?
  • How do I take control of my brand online and increase my sales without spending hours doing social media?

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